Membership in the GDPA lasts one calendar year and renewals take place on each member's anniversary date of joining.  The following classifications of membership are available.  Please select the appropriate category to submit your application to join. Additional information is also available on the Benefits of Membership page.

When you are ready to join complete our Membership Application.

Fellow Members:

Eligibility for this category includes PAs licensed in the state of Georgia who practice dermatology full or part-time in collaboration with a physician, board-certified / board-eligible in dermatology.  Fellow members may vote for GDPA officers and directors, introduce and vote on GDPA business and shall be eligible to hold office in the GDPA.

Associate Members:  

Licensed PAs who practice in dermatology, but who work in collaboration with a physician who is not board-certified / board-eligible in dermatology. Associate member status may also be conferred upon former Fellow Members who are now retired from clinical practice of any kind.  Nurse Practitioners, licensed by the state of Georgia, and who work with board-certified / board-eligible dermatologists in the state of Georgia are also eligible to become Associate members.  Associate members are entitled to privileges of the floor but are not entitled to vote or hold office.

Affiliate Members:  

PAs and other health professionals or individuals who do not qualify for any other membership category, who have an interest in dermatology and desire to be affiliated with the GDPA.  Affiliate members are not entitled to privileges of the floor, to vote, or to hold office.

Student Members:

Individuals enrolled in a Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) or Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP), or successor agency approved physician assistant program or an unapproved program recognized by AAPA.  Student members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office.

Physician Members: 

Consists of licensed physicians who desire to associate with the GDPA in a professional or social capacity.  Physician members shall be entitled to privileges of the floor to address the GDPA Board of Directors, but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Member Renewals: 

Please note if your membership has lapsed, you will need to pay the invoice that was emailed to you. If you have questions, please email [email protected]

For additional information on membership classification, please consult the GDPA Bylaws.