GDPA Committees

The GDPA Board of Directors pursuant to the GDPA Bylaws may set up committees to serve the needs of the organization from time to time.  These committees may be static or temporary depending on the project to which they are assigned.

Current GDPA Committees Include the following - 

Conference Committee: Members of the Conference Committee work with the Executive Director to help plan the educational content for the annual Dermatology PEARLS Conference.  

Legislative Affairs Committee:  Members of the Legislative Affairs Committee will act to help inform members of the GDPA to any proposed or pending legislation in the state of Georgia as it may apply to Physician Assistant practice in the field of Dermatology.

Membership Committee:  Members of the Membership Committee actively work to help recruit and retain members for the GDPA.  They also coordinate the philanthropic activities of the GDPA and its members.

Social Events Committee:  Members of the Social Events committee actively work to plan networking and social events that support strong, cohesive, and productive relationships between GDPA members as well as with GDPA strategic partners when appropriate.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a Committee please contact the GDPA Executive Director by navigating to our Contact Us Page.